How a New Generation of Tech Is Mitigating General Property Losses Before They Occur

A raging housefire

A raft of new innovations and technologies is advancing the cause of predicting and preventing general property losses.

By the time you smell smoke, it may already be too late.

In scenarios that can lead to property loss — a fire, say, or a frozen pipe — an immediate response can make all the difference. Sprinkler systems, burglar alarms and other technologies that alert us to loss events are critical to mitigating property damage and protecting human lives.

But what does the next generation of property loss tech look like? Could it stop these events before they occur?

Better data collection and artificial intelligence now allow us to scale up our efforts to prevent property damage — to widen the scope of threats we can evaluate, to analyze more data and reveal actionable insights, and to target proactive measures at the property, site or even infrastructural level.

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