Yep, I wrote a book. Trade blends elements of new adult fiction with mystery and suspense to create something that (I hope) is a bit different from anything you’ve read before — especially when it comes to genre fiction written for a queer audience.

Along the twisting piers of a Maltese marina, American arts writer Jay Waterhouse hunts for the Ignis Fatuus, a megayacht shrouded in mystery.


He finds much more than that: already staking out the very same megayacht is Art Cloyne-Fossor, a Canadian exchange student desperately seeking his lost friend Finn among a secretive brotherhood of jet-setting billionaires.

Jay and Art soon discover that their converging paths are just two threads in an international web of intrigue, lust and betrayal that stretches from the bustling cities of Paris and Rome to the tranquil coasts of Amalfi and Corfu.


As they grow ever closer, Jay and Art uncover more than they bargained for. Desperate to expose the twin mysteries of a missing Caravaggio canvas and a missing callboy, they find themselves drawn into a ruthless game of money and power.


A enchanting cocktail of art, love and deception, Trade pulls back the curtain on a hidden world where innocence is a mirage and one false step may demand the ultimate price.

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